Great achievement of Tongyu Communication’s GE4R Project

On 29 Dec 2012 Tags news

One of the 3 key events of Tongyu Communication in 2011 was the implementation of CN4R strategic performance management system and the introduction of GE4R Project which lasted more than 4 months finished successfully in Jan. 03rd, 2012.

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Happily celebrating 15th birthday of Tongyu

On 28 Dec 2012 Tags news

15 years’ tempering, grateful to Tongyu people. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Tongyu, an evening party for thanksgiving celebration with the theme of "hand in hand to create brilliance" was held at the headquarters on Dec. 26th, 2011. Board...

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Tongyu new plant opening

On 27 Dec 2012 Tags news

Along with the development of telecommunication industry, the market demands for RF components, microwave antennas are getting much stronger. To meet the increasing market demands, further improve our production capacities, Tongyu had raised fund to...

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Chairman WuZhonglin attending the sixth sino-German Economic Cooperation Forum

On 26 Dec 2012 Tags news

On June 28, 2011, Mr. Wu Zhonglin, board chairman of Tongyu Communication Inc. attended the Sixth Chinese-German Forum for Economics and Technological Cooperation in Berlin with China delegation, leaded by Premier Wen Jiabao.
In the Electronics...

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Product Launch Notification

On 25 Dec 2012 Tags news

Tongyu Communication Inc. first finished development of ultra-wideband with high gain RET antenna whose coverage from 1710 to 2690MHz in China. It is compatible with currently ruling 3G communication frequency band as well as LTE 4G and Wimax...

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