Wed, 09/30/2015 - 20:10




From Sep. 26th to Sep. 29th 2015, Tongyu Communication Inc attended the Iran Telecom Innovations 2015 which was hold at Tehran International Permnant Fairground.

Started from 2000, Iran Telecom grew fast and had deeper & deeper influence in west Asia & mideast market. It is aiming at presentation and introduction of the latest technologies' achievements and capacities of Iran' companies and foreign countries' companies related to telecommunication and information.

As its first time show in Iran, Tongyu Communication Inc exhibited its most advanced technologies such as ultra-wideband multi port LTE antenna series. It attracted many local operator's technical person, like RighTel and Mobinnet and some local communication companies also expressed their wish to cooperate with Tongyu which showed Tongyu's great strength.


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